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Arbnora Shala shares experiences from her first doctoral certificate course held as part of the 17th International Research Workshop

12 September 2023

Arbnora Shala, our dedicated PhD Researcher at RuWell, recently participated in the 17th International Research Workshop hosted at Akademie Sankelmark in the north of Germany. This prestigious event was meticulously organized by distinguished institutions, including Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, the University of Southern Denmark, and the Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

During her participation in this workshop, Arbnora engaged in three comprehensive courses:

Data Analysis with Stata: This course delved into the proficient utilization of Stata for data analysis. It encompassed fundamental Stata command syntax, data management techniques, and rudimentary graphical representation.

Questionnaire Design: Arbnora received comprehensive training in the art of crafting effective surveys. Topics included theoretical underpinnings, optimizing survey question wording, response formats, and rigorous pretesting methodologies.

Principles of Data Visualization: This course was dedicated to the refinement of skills necessary for effectively conveying intricate research findings to non-specialist audiences through adept data visualization. It transcended conventional software applications, prioritizing the delivery of data in a clear and succinct manner through practical illustrations.

Overall, this workshop has proven to be an invaluable platform for honing essential skills, fostering meaningful connections, and nurturing both personal and professional advancement. Active engagement in such esteemed gatherings stands as a significant catalyst in elevating the trajectory of her Ph.D. journey. All this will be very useful in providing survey-based empirical evidence on the main drivers of rural (im)mobility decisions.