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Master Thesis: Subjective well-being and livability in rural areas: a literature synthesis using World Database of Happiness

13 June 2023

Over the past year, our (now former) colleague, Lucas Hoferer, dedicated his efforts to developing a livability concept for rural areas under the framework of the RuWell project. This endeavor served as the subject for his Master’s thesis, which focused on subjective well-being and livability in rural areas. Relatedly, he had a research stay at Erasmus Happiness Economic Research Organization (EHERO) during the spring of 2022, where he worked with our project partner Ruut Veenhoven. On 30.05.2023, Lucas successfully defended his Master’s thesis. Using a systematic literature synthesis through the World Database of Happiness, Lucas carefully identified key aspects of livability in rural areas as well as the existing research gaps in this context. Subsequently, he formulated several hypotheses that can further be verified/tested through future empirical studies. Bringing together this earlier scattered information is of high value to the body of knowledge. Going forward, RuWell will continue to expand upon and build on Lucas’ work in the pursuit of delivering its project objectives. Throughout, Lucas was supervised by our Project leader, Antje Jantsch. We at RuWell were so privileged to have such a self-driven, ambitious, insightful and exceptionally knowledgeable young researcher working with us. We wish Lucas all the best for the future, a fruitful career and a gainful stay at his new job.