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19 September 2023

“A remarkable learning opportunity with immense potential”, Johnson Kansiime on his inaugural poster presentation

Johnson Kansiime, our doctoral student, had a great experience as he conducted his first-ever poster presentation. This was during the International Society of Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) 2023 Annual Conference, which took place in Rotterdam,...

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12 September 2023

Arbnora Shala shares experiences from her first doctoral certificate course held as part of the 17th International Research Workshop

Arbnora Shala, our dedicated PhD Researcher at RuWell, recently participated in the 17th International Research Workshop hosted at Akademie Sankelmark in the north of Germany. This prestigious event was meticulously organized by distinguished...

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25 August 2023

A proud moment for RuWell as our project leader earns the ISQOLS 2023 Young Scholar Award

At the climax of the recently concluded International Society of Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) 2023 Annual Conference, our project leader, Antje, was honoured with the prestigious 2023 Young Scholar Award. ISQOLS is an international society of...

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23 August 2023

Antje presents insights on well-being and place attachment in rural Southeast Europe during the ISQOLS Annual Conference

Antje participated in the recently concluded 2023 ISQOLS Annual Conference. She presented preliminary results from an ongoing paper titled “Place attachment, (im)mobility decisions and well-being in rural Southeast Europe.” This collaborative work...

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31 July 2023

Presentation at the XXIXth European Society for Rural Sociology Congress in July 2023, Rennes: Ethnographic Perspectives on Well-being and Place Attachment in Rural Moldova

Daniela and Antje presented a paper bringing an ethnographic perspective on the everyday lives and values of rural Moldovans by exploring non-migrating working-class villagers in a winemaking region. What are the interlinkages between place and...

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13 June 2023

Master Thesis: Subjective well-being and livability in rural areas: a literature synthesis using World Database of Happiness

Over the past year, our (now former) colleague, Lucas Hoferer, dedicated his efforts to developing a livability concept for rural areas under the framework of the RuWell project. This endeavor served as the subject for his Master’s thesis, which...

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08 June 2023

Short note about DCPAE courses

Johnson Kansiime, one of our PhD students at RuWell, has actively pursued several capacity-building and learning activities over the past few months. He has diligently participated in three courses: Advanced Applied Econometrics I, offered by the...

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18 May 2023

How do Moldovan villagers acquire a sense of place and rootedness in a countryside marked by high out-migration rates?

Both commercial and household winemaking, the possibility to produce organic agricultural products, and the presence of strong social bonds, contribute to people’s attachment to their place. These are just a few of the many insights our RuWell team...

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25 April 2023

Bridging (im)mobility decisions, place attachment and rural well-being with insights from fieldwork in Albania

In April 2023, Dr. Arjola ARAPI-GJINI completed a one-month research stay in Albania as part of the RuWell project. She studied people's attachment to places, specifically their place of residence, and how it influenced their decisions to move (or...

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01 April 2023

SFU Political Science welcomes visiting scholar Antje Jantsch

Our project leader Antje joined the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Canada as a visiting scholar from March to April of this year. The purpose of her research stay was to discuss and concretize future collaboration with...

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