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25 April 2023

Bridging (im)mobility decisions, place attachment and rural well-being with insights from fieldwork in Albania

In April 2023, Dr. Arjola ARAPI-GJINI completed a one-month research stay in Albania as part of the RuWell project. She studied people's attachment to places, specifically their place of residence, and how it influenced their decisions to move (or...

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01 April 2023

SFU Political Science welcomes visiting scholar Antje Jantsch

Our project leader Antje joined the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Canada as a visiting scholar from March to April of this year. The purpose of her research stay was to discuss and concretize future collaboration with...

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03 March 2023

RuWell researchers participate in the 4th Annual Berlin Network of Research on Well-being (BeWell) meeting

The captivating keynote address by Bruno.S.Frey at the 4th Annual Berlin Network of Research on Well-being (BeWell) meeting underscored the need for research to advocate for an environment that promotes opportunities for people to be happy. Our...

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02 March 2023

RuWell moves to unsnarl the concept of place attachment through its explaratory fieldwork in Southeast Europe

Our colleague Arjola recently presented an exciting fieldwork plan at our department meeting on behalf of the RuWell team. The plan is for an exploratory fieldwork activity in Southeast Europe aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of rural people's...

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Five people standing on the streets of Kashar

11 January 2023

Preliminary fieldwork in Albania

In October 2022, the RuWell team of researchers including Dr. Antje Jantsch and Dr. Arjola Arapi-Gjini engaged in fieldwork in rural Albania. The aim was to pretest existing guidelines for the upcoming qualitative research, an essential part of the...

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Three people are standing beside scientific poster

21 November 2022

The RuWell team participates in IAMO’s evaluation exercise

From 17th to 18th November 2022, the RuWell team had the privilege to participate in IAMO’s evaluation exercise. Our project members had the opportunity to make a poster presentation to the evaluation committee. Presentations by the team majorly...

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Four persons standing on the street

25 October 2022

Agricultural Policy Forum in Tirana, Albania

Between October 18th-20th 2022, Dr. Antje Jantsch and Dr. Arjola Arapi-Gjini attended the 22nd Agricultural Policy Forum in Tirana, Albania. The Forum provides an active platform for regional cooperation and the exchange of ideas on agricultural and...

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